Keeping Plumbing Systems Working for Over 20 Years

Our licensed crew of plumbers can tackle any job thrown our way

Are you dealing with leaky pipes? Get in contact with the local plumbers at TechPro Mechanical. Our highly-skilled team is ready to keep your plumbing system in tiptop shape. From providing routine maintenance work to unclogging drains, there's not a job we can't handle.

We have extensive experience with restaurants, gas stations and car washes, so you can trust us to handle the biggest jobs. Call our dependable plumber today 317-967-0399 to keep your plumbing in check.

Is your current plumbing system outdated?

Maybe you need to install plumbing for a construction or remodeling project. Maybe your current plumbing system just has tons of issues. Either way, we can update your plumbing however you need. Feel free to ask us to:

  • Install a new shower
  • Place in a new toilet
  • Maintain your water line
  • Set up a new drainage system
  • Relocate your plumbing fixtures
From rough ins to emergency repairs, we'll keep things working properly. Get in touch with one of our plumbers today to get started.